Can I bring my dog?
The Edge is pet friendly! We do have a one cat or dog, per person max. If you want to know more about fees and breed restrictions, let us know!

How far are you from UTC's campus?
We are across the street on the Johnson Obear housing, and West Campus Housing. You can easily walk everywhere on UTC's campus!

What is per person leasing?
Per person leasing means that you pay for your rent, and aren't responsible for your roommate's payments. However you all share responsibility for common areas.

Are the apartments Co-Ed?
The Edge is a co-ed building, but the apartments themselves are assigned by the same sex, unless all roommates agree to a co-ed apartment.

Can friends stay with me?
While overnight guests are allowed, we'd ask that you remain respectful to your roommates and common areas.

How long are your lease terms?
Our leases are from August 15 - July 31 each year. 

Other than rent, what do I pay for?
You'll be responsible for electricity, parking and a $20 per month water charge.

Do you accept Financial Aid?
We are a financial aid, and scholarship friendly property. We can defer payments until you receive your funding

If I leave for the summer, do I still have to pay?
Your lease will last through the summer and you will still be responsible for the rent. However, you can sublease your room for the summer!

"The Edge is close enough to the UTC campus that you won't miss any of the important college experiences.
At The Edge there are no mandatory meal plans, no RA's, no twin sized beds! "